Other People’s Skeletons

It’s dripping, can you stop it?

Now stop it’s black and now go.



I think

I’m inside out.


Touch it, it’s sticky and it pools under me like oil. 

Slick, running at a snail’s pace. I can see it slip

Ever so slowly towards my feet it’s hot lava. 

Don’t touch it. 


Licks my fingertip and drips down.


It’s coming from

Above me.

Why are you standing above me?

One thought on “Other People’s Skeletons

  1. Ginger Swank

    You know me. I’m more tempted  to give advice  about credit cards per say and otherwise. Just save ahead then do not charge. Degree of interest  does not matter when you pay it  in any case. A mother talking but nobody heard. 

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