Men Can Handle Your Attitude, They Just Don’t Want To

A bittersweet little nudge from the male perspective. Really well-written article by James M. Sama. Enjoy!

James Michael Sama

This is something that has been irking me for awhile now. The ever-increasing demeanor of the modern girl/woman who proudly proclaims that she has an attitude that men just ‘can’t handle’ and she won’t settle for someone weak like that.



The first reason why I have a problem with the terminology ‘can’t handle’ is that it implies some sort of inadequacy. As men, we deal with attitude every single day. It is dealt with from rude co-workers, from fellow commuters, from the person who didn’t use their blinker when switching into our lane. Attitude is everywhere around us, all the time.

Why would we want to come home to a woman who is going to treat us the same way?

You will see quotes floating around social media that say: “A strong man can handle a strong woman. A weak man will say she has an attitude.”…

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