I found this post to be a beautiful representation of how I’ve started to feel about my body. It is so important to love the skin you’re in!


Something strange happened to me recently. I was on Facebook a few days ago and someone posed the question, “If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?” I was ready to make a reply but first I had to think. Hmmm, I had to think?! I took mental notes of all my imperfections; I have many. I tried to think of which one I wanted to change most. I couldn’t, because I love them all. My mind was blown, I couldn’t believe it. I skipped the post for several reasons, mostly because I wanted the moment to sink in; I have grown. Years- months ago, I would have typed one of my many flaws within seconds… Now I feel as if, my body represents fallen autumn leaves. The color and shape are not the same but together they make a beautiful heap. 🙂


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